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Helping to make a change in the world's carbon foot print.

Developing Sustainable Alternatives for Recycling

Discover economical solutions for fiberglass and carbon fiber recycling with help from Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc., headquartered in Bothell, Washington. With a goal of reducing traces of carbon footprint among manufacturers and waste management companies, we present various benefits and solutions that are practical and sustainable. Some of these benefits include:

  • Developing Environmentally Friendly Processes
  • Production of High-Value Waste Fiberglass Feedstock
  • Creating Revenue from Environmental Liabilities
  • Achieving Energy Efficiency with a 90% Self-Sustaining Production Process
  • High Conversion Rate of Wastes to Usable Commodities

Bulb with Windmills

Creation of Carbon Credits

  • Prevention of Significant Technical Hurdles
  • Shredding Fiberglass
  • Refining to Finished Products
  • Processing Waste Fiberglass

New Possibilities for the Waste Management Industry

Find a viable alternative to landfilling with our help. Instead of congesting landfills with waste materials, we give you the option of diverting and processing them into other products. All the clean wastes generated from this process are then sold to serve as secondary revenue stream. This can also help you expand into a more sophisticated and multifaceted business model with products that possess a higher value.

Opportunities for Government Agencies

Recycling used to be a budget liability for government entities. Now, it can be a potential revenue source. Create new jobs without sacrificing those from other sectors by turning to us. Other advantages for the government sector are:

  • Reducing Costs at a Municipal Level
  • Expanding of Tax Bases
  • Creating "Green Collar" Jobs
  • Additional Fiberglass Manufacturing Jobs

Investing through a Win-Win-Win Solution

Experience a significant return on investment from the high profit potential of our projects. Fiberglass manufacturing has limitless demand and stable pricing in a high profile niche market. Through us, it can also become an unlimited source of material with little to no cost of production. This alternative and sustainable energy source serves as a win-win-win solution for various entities, such as:

  • Waste Generators
  • Waste Management Industry
  • Composite Fiberglass Industry
  • Environmental Organizations
  • Investors

Additional Benefits

Capable of reducing greenhouse gases by 60%, our recycling efforts and products are tailored for the elimination of environmental liabilities. It can also lessen our country's dependence on foreign oil.