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Explore numerous industrial and environmental solutions from Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. Every company and agency that turns to us will receive various advantages and not a single downside in using fiberglass recycling technology.

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Recognize some of the recent advancements in clean waste technology that our reputable company spearheaded. Our press release discusses the revolutionary way of generating various products made from decommissioned wind blades.

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Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. (GFS) is an industrial recycling and green manufacturing firm headquartered in Bothell, Washington. We focus on the growing demand for resource recovery of recyclable materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber and create recycled products through a proprietary system. Our goal is to reduce the surplus of non-decomposing waste that goes into landfills and the carbon footprint of industry players throughout the US, Europe and other parts of the world. With our extensive experience in producing innovative solutions for resource recovery, GFS stands at the forefront of the fiberglass and carbon fiber recycling industry. We believe that there is absolutely no downside in using clean waste technology.

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